Alma Newlin Educational Fund

The Alma Newlin Scholarship was established in the Fall of 1990 through a bequest from Mrs. Alma Newlin, a resident of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

The sole purpose of the fund is to encourage and assist high school students, graduates and returning students from the southern Chester County area to be prepared for and to gain employment in medical or healthcare related endeavors. Grants will be made in the form of outright scholarships based on the decisions of a selection committee.

Questions about this application and the Alma Newlin Scholarship Fund may be directed to:

Dr. Constance K Logan, (610) 357-4100, or email:

Eligibility for scholarships from the Alma Newlin Educational Fund is determined by the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of high school or G.E.D. Program

  • Demonstrated intent of applicant to further his or her education to prepare for and to gain employment in a HUMAN medical or healthcare field

  • Record of academic excellence

  • Residency in the geographic area served by Avon Grove, Kennett, Octorara, Oxford and Unionville-Chadds Ford School Districts

Application Deadline: February 28, receipt of applications and all supporting documents

Selection of Recipients: April 1

Notification of Recipients: April 15

The updated application will be available on October 1 each year.

As the number of applications has increased, so has the competition level for receiving a scholarship. The Alma Newlin Fund Committee offers the following suggestions for prospective applicants and for the parents and guidance counselors who are advising them:

1. Scholarships are awarded to previously graduated or graduating high school seniors for academic excellence. The selection committee has established that the minimum unweighted cumulative grade point average for consideration for a scholarship is 3.0. In addition, the committee looks seriously at the applicant’s volunteer activities and his or her demonstrated commitment to and preparation for a particular area of study in the health sciences.

2. The applicant must demonstrate intent to further his or her education by applying to and gaining acceptance to an accredited college, university or professional training program. In the past, the selection committee has funded scholarships in pre-med, nursing, microbiology, medical research, physical, occupational and speech therapies, dentistry, dietetics, clinical psychology, pharmacy and other related health sciences.

3. The individual award has historically been from $1,000 to $8,000 with the goal of providing students with more significant support to advance their educational goals. This is, of course, at the discretion of the Foundation.

4. Scholarships are made one time, for a single year, for undergraduate education. As of 2009, one additional grant for post-graduate education may be considered at the discretion of the selection committee.

5. Award checks are distributed to recipients between May 1 and July 30, upon receipt of an official college acceptance letter. Scholarship checks are made payable ONLY to the institution. If the awarded student receives full tuition and expenses from another source, the Alma Newlin funds MUST be forfeited.

Questions about this application and the Alma Newlin Scholarship Fund may be directed to:

Dr. Constance K Logan, (610) 357-4100, or email:

Judging will be based on the following:

A. Academic Record (the most important criterion) – full OFFICIAL transcripts including current year grades through winter semester, test scores (if missing applicant may be denied scholarship.)

B. Motivation – demonstrate commitment to a course of study in the health sciences

C. Other Skills – activities that show aptitude toward chosen vocation

D. Application – completeness, neatness, following of directions


1. Application

The Alma Newlin Education Fund Scholarship Application must be completed in full by the applicant and submitted electronically. The application is on the website. The application must include a statement by the applicant of no more than 250 words summarizing his or her academic
accomplishments, educational objectives, and a description of his or her commitment to a career in health sciences. The application and all supporting materials must be in English or with an English translation attached.

2. Exhibits needed in addition to the official application are:

A. Two brief letters of endorsement, each from a responsible person not related to the applicant who has had the opportunity personally to observe the applicant and who can give an objective opinion of the character, initiatives, disposition and general worthiness of the applicant. These should also speak to the applicant’s suitability for a healthcare career and should address the scholarship application. Each letter should state specifically the name of the applicant for whom it is written and should be sent electronically, by the recommender, to

B. Documentation of academic record. For high school seniors, high school transcript including national test scores, unweighted cumulative grade point average, college admission test scores and current year grades through the winter semester. For continuing education applicants a full official college transcript is needed. The documentation should be sent electronically from the institution the student attends, to

C. Supporting documents must be sent DIRECTLY from the recommending person or institution to

Questions – Dr. Constance Logan, (610) 357-4100 or

Apply for the Alma Newlin Scholarship

Please read and follow the instructions that accompany this application. Only complete applications will be considered.

REMINDER: In addition to submitting this form, additional materials need to be submitted separately by Feb 28th to complete your application. Learn More »

The Alma Newlin Scholarship application has closed for the 2023 review period as of February 28, 2023 at 11:59pm.

REMINDER: In addition to submitting this form, additional materials need to be submitted separately by Feb 28th to complete your application. Learn More »